i maul i applyin for mod

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i maul i applyin for mod

Post  i maul i on Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:43 pm

hi im i maul i
i used 2 play on this server everyday wen u had old source
then i didnt play for a while cause i thought it shut down
then i seen ur ip on a website and i thought
v0id is back up
so i started playin...
well the morale of this long story is
i wanted 2 b staff wen u had old source
i think tht i will b a very reliable and helpful mod and hopefully earn mi way up the ranks
i will make sure spammers dont advertise
i can also make sure we dont hav nulls
and im helpful Smile
so thanks for listenin 2 mi story lmao
i hope i qualify for mod Smile
yours truely
i maul i

i maul i

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