applying for mod..

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applying for mod..

Post  zer0 on Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:16 pm

1.why i want to apply for mod its because iam not like other pepole buying staff thats not good

2.because i stick to the rules and follow them i like paying attention the players and hear wat they would like to say

3.newcommers like pepole that they can hang around with iam one of those pepole

4.iam one of those pepole that when iam busy idc ill go right with then to see what they need

5.if some one is begging i give then warnning,then the 2nd time i kick then and the 3rd i kick then again

6.ill only give then 5 chances then banded if your pick me they will really say that they have friendly staff not like other server they say #@!#@!@#!#

8.iam also a man of my word

9.iam respectful,loyal.honest,not a rule breaker,well applying kind of guy thats all the 10 thing i have for you guys and i will make a good mod i know it if i make mod ill w8 2 weeks for i can apply for admin..


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