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applying for mod

Post  chichi5555 on Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:33 pm

hey look first off i know i was annoying, and i tried to change but you wouldnt give me another chance.
1. I have some moderator experience
2. I have straight A's in school.
3. I love playing your server despite people flaming me constantly (range)
4. I have accomplished all 110 combats except defence and I know the game.
5. I know the rules of the server and abide by them.

Now about me:
I am 14 years old and i live in Detroit Michigan. I work with computers all the time at home and at at school. I love playing your server and i look forward to it all day. Though i dont like that people are constantly making fun of me. I know i can be annoying but you hafta give me a chance to get to know you. The only reason I was anoying is because I misunderstood what you said. i thought you said that you would make me mod after you talked to your peeps, so i was just wondering when. Then my hope begane to fade away and others were becoming mods and i wasnt. So all im trying to say is: Please just consider making me a moderator on your server.

chichi5555 (Ethan)


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