Applying for Moderator.

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Applying for Moderator.

Post  ch4os m4ge on Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:14 pm

Hello, i am Ch4os m4ge.

I like to apply for moderator on this server bechause i like it and its nicely build up with lots of people and items.

Here some details:

My Hobbys are:
- Swimming
- Gaming
- Going to school

I am 14 years old.


I have been mod/admin/co-owner on...: ( co-owner ) ( admin ) ( admin ) ( moderator )
JCscape ( moderator )

Things i like of v0id pkz:
The pking Very Happy
Home (very original)

When i started playing real runescape:
- 23 september 2003

When i started playing private runescapes:
- somewhere around december 2006

Well these are some details about me and when i start playing runescape etc.
I hope i make a good change of becoming moderator.

Thnx for your time Smile
Greetz. Ch4os m4ge. Very Happy

ch4os m4ge

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