Applying for Admin. Ownt I

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Applying for Admin. Ownt I

Post  Ownt i on Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:53 am

Hey , Im Ownt i on the server i was trying to be a admin. This is what i gonna do :

I Gonna tell santa who rule breaks , whos spamming and whos ice barraging with places there it is no ice barrage allowed -,- Very Happy . I am playing nearly all the time on the server most when its much ppls .
I was logging in the morning i seen 1 person that was on that was Santa is emo :O
Hes a nice guy he makes a very good server.
But i gonna do much for the server!!!

Thanks to Santa is emo for the server he is nice and thanks for me

Ownt i

Ownt i

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