~~~Angel~~~Aplying For Moderator

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~~~Angel~~~Aplying For Moderator

Post  Angel on Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:08 pm

Hello , my In-Game name is Angel.

I know alredy i loves this server and that i shall stay on it ,

I'm sure that i could help to make the server economy safe.

Plus , I'm loyal , and I like this server . It's in the best i played so

I would do anything to make it a peace and stables economy server.

And I got a good grammar not like some players that speak without

grammar and all those things.

Well , in big , I'll do all i can to make the server peacefull and help players

When they need helps . I don't think that by saying my experiences will

Give me better chances to get Moderator position .

Angel .

Love you all .

Wish you'll take me . //From Angel

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